• Are you prepared?

    Have you thought about what would happen if you lose your tools due to a theft, fire, flood, earthquake or loss during transit?

  • Did you know?

    If you own your toolbox/tools and DON’T carry specific insurance for it, then you probably do not have insurance protection for them should the unfortunate occur. Most auto tech’s toolbox/tools are not covered under the service center’s insurance policy. Unless you have scheduled your toolbox/tools under your homeowner’s insurance policy, they are not insured. Should a loss occur, you are without your tools and without an insurance policy to protect them.

  • Ok… You have my attention. What do I do now?

    You can purchase an insurance policy from Auto Technician Insurance, LLC.
    – The process is simple. A short application is all that is needed.
    – Covers losses resulting from theft, fire, flood, earthquake or loss during transit.
    – Insures toolboxes/tools up to $50,000! (higher limits available if needed)
    – Protects tools, toolboxes, and diagnostic equipment.
    – No need to itemize specific tools or provide receipts.

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